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So it’s been a while…part 2

As for me, I’ve been involved in the resurrection and re-animation of the hip hop zombie known as GrumpTruck.

Between the years of 2004-2008 I worked on this project extensively as an experiment in my perspective of what I think hip hop is about. Around the point when I moved south the project went on indefinite hiatus.

Quite recently I’ve acquired some gear which lets me get an even deeper perspective on how a lot of classic hip hop that I am influenced by was created, and lets me have more of a hands-on creative flow. I am speaking of the one and only MPC2000XL.

Here are a couple of the newest works-in-progress as of late:

Fin Fetish


You can check out some of the older tracks here in this set:

I am currently looking to collaborate with other producers and MCs looking to do something interesting in the genre. If interested don’t hesitate to contact me.

More new music on the way…

So it’s been a while…

I haven’t posted much in a while…but I come to say that I am luckily not deceased, nor are my array of projects. I have several things to update about so I will separate them into a couple of different posts.

First, there has been a pretty decent amount of activity happening on the Mystery Trails front in the past couple of months. A new release from Abandoned Houses, the brainchild of label founder Mike Ciaravino being one of them. Tracks can be heard here: http://soundcloud.com/abandoned-houses

Here is one of my favorites out of those:

Many updates have been made to the Mystery Trails website as well, including extensive artist bios, an updated link section and a fully operational store.

Check it out here: http://www.mysterytrails.net/shop.html

See part 2 for more…

Moon Altar Reviewed In Chattanooga Pulse

Ernest Paik of Shaking Ray Levi Society has written a great review of Moon Altar for the Chattanooga Pulse.

“JJEMMEIII (soundcloud.com/jjemmeiii) is just one of the musical outlets for Joseph J. Micolo III, a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, sound collage artist, and electronic musician who seems to be in constant flux. Micolo’s latest album is Moon Altar, a cassette release on the Mystery Trails label, and it consists entirely of organ improvisations. As the title suggests, there is a spacey, reverent mood conveyed by the instrumentals, several of which utilize long, sustained tones with a meditative serenity. The ambient music of Brian Eno comes to mind, which need not require studied attention; instead, the listener can let the carefully sauntering notes on Moon Altar hide and lurk in the subconscious. Warm, soothing, and contemplative, it’s an album that can purge distractions and clear your head.”

Here is a link to the review on the Pulse website:

Pre-orders are still going…get your gold copy before they run out!

Moon Altar Cassette Release – Pre-Orders Now Open!

Greetings All,

I am psyched to announce that my cassette, MOON ALTAR, will be released on 11-11-11!

With this announcement comes the opening of the pre-orders…which can be found on my BandCamp page here:


The first 20 pre-orders will ship a limited edition cassette with a spacey gold liner!

I have made track 5, Kosmos, available for download on my SoundCloud page as well:

All of this has been made possible by the gracious hand of Mystery Trails Record Company. Be sure to check out their official page for music from other great artists – http://www.mysterytrails.net/

Here are links to some of my previous releases:
JJEMMEIII – FreePee: http://jjemmeiii.bandcamp.com/album/freepee
JJEMMEIII – Debris Cloud: http://jjemmeiii.bandcamp.com/album/debris-cloud

Thank you for your time and interest in my music. Visit any (or all) of my pages for up to date information, new tracks, collaborations, shennanigans and various other tomfoolery.